Serve at Atonement

Thank you to everyone who has served on these volunteer teams! Your service is very important to us, and we want you to know how much of an impact you have on Atonement’s ministries!


The ushers are given the opportunity to distribute God’s Word and bulletin to those entering the service, help people find a place to sit, as well as take the attendance numbers.


The greeters meet people at the door and welcome them with a warm smile and friendly handshake. They show the love of Christ to those entering the doors of Atonement. The greeters also provide directions for those who may be visiting Atonement for the first time.

Coffee House

The Coffee House volunteers serve the congregation members coffee and rolls in the Coffee House (located in the Fireside Room) between Sunday morning services from 9:15 – 10:50 a.m. Those who serve in the coffee house get a unique opportunity to help those around them feel welcomed and cared for!

Connection Center

Those who help out at the Connection Centers are available, following the Sunday morning service, to answer questions and help visitors find materials on specific information that they may have interest. They get to help people plug in to our faith community.


ProPresentor volunteers run the computer program that displays songs, prayers, and other important information on the screens for the worship services held in the ARK and Sanctuary. They play a vital role on Sundays, as they help guide the congregation through the worship service.

Wine and Design

This group of people prepare the altars in the ARK and Sanctuary for Holy Communion. Also, they work together to decorate the worship areas to look festive for Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.
If you have a gift of serving and/or decorating, this is the group for you!

Van Drivers

Van drivers pick up residents from Riverview and Touchmark for the first traditional service, and drive them back afterward. Without these drivers, some people would never get to come to church. Van drivers then play an important role in many people’s faith life!

Worship Tech Team

The worship tech team supports the congregation through the support of our technical equipment. This includes running sound, video taping, filming, photography, and edititing.

Communion Servers

The Communion Servers get the opportunity to help remind those in the congregation of what Christ accomplished on the cross. They stand at one of the serving stations and provide either the bread or wine, representing His shed blood and body broken for us.

Worship Lectors

Lectors read the scripture lesson during one of the worship services. By doing this, they are setting up the theme for what that morning’s message will be about.

Offering Counter

Have you been given the gifts of Excel literacy and keeping confidential giving information private? Are you available on an occasional Sunday morning? Then you are a perfect candidate to serve on the team of offering counters. These individuals catalog offerings and provide an important part of handling our members’ giving records.