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Heaven - Finding Our True Home

Perhaps no word brings more calm into our lives than the word “heaven“.  But, when most Christians actually try to describe their future life in heaven, the picture gets pretty fuzzy.  To some people heaven looks like perpetual retirement – sitting on a cloud, strumming a harp.  Other people think of heaven as an endless church service.  We all want to go to this place called “heaven”, but we are unsure about what it will really be like.  What we need is accurate, reliable information about heaven – and that’s exactly what we find in the Bible.

Lent Bible Study

Join us for a Lenten Bible Study – “He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart” by Max Lucado.  All are welcome for this 6 week study of the gifts of the cross.  Starting Monday, March 6th, at 6:30pm.  For questions and to RSVP, contact Amy Okeson at




Lent Services

This story is 2000 years old. It is a story that many of us have heard a thousand times, but how well do we really know it?
Join us this Lenten season as we bring the story off the page and onto stage.  Watch Jesus begin His ministry and teaching.  Watch as He calls ordinary people to be His disciples.  Watch as He heals the sick and feeds the crowds with just a few fish and loaves of bread.
Staring Wednesday March 1st @ 6:30pm we will bring you on a journey through Jesus’s ministry until we reach the cross and the empty tomb.  Don’t miss this chance to see the Bible come to life in a family friendly environment.

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