Global Mission

We have a passion for reaching people not just in our neighborhood and town, but for sharing the good news of Christ with all people. Get connected with global mission at Atonement.



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Global Mission

Atonement has had contact with multiple locations around the world and endeavors to spread the message of Jesus Christ to everyone.

World Vision Child Sponsorship
Mozambique, Africa
Chimbote, Peru
Nairobi, Kenya, Africa (the Koski Family)
Eastern European Missions Network
Adventures in Missions
Youth With a Mission

Mozambique, Africa
In 2008, Atonement partnered with World Vision to host the World Vision Experience AIDS exhibit. Atonement currently sponsors Namanjavira, an area located in Mozambique (an area about the size of Cass County). Through Atonement’s support, World Vision is adding two new wells, restroom facilities and running water to an elementary school, and helping students attend additional schooling at a boarding school.

World Vision Sponsorship
A way to help on a personal level is to sponsor a child through World Vision in Namanjavira. $35 per month provides a child with clean water, nutritious food, health care, educational opportunities and spiritual nurturing. There are also various animals you can provide to families ranging in price from $25 for two chickens, $105 for a sheep, $360 for an alpaca, or $500 for a dairy cow. Click here to learn more about sponsoring a child!

Chimbote, Peru
This mission was established by Father Jack Davis over thirty years ago. Prior to his mission work, Father Davis was a priest at Nativity church here in Fargo. The poverty is extreme and there is great need, even for just the basics many of us take for granted. Atonement sends people on two trips per year and have developed a deep relationship and have been an example of God’s love with the people of Chimbote. When there, we have built a House of Worship, Soup Kitchen, School kitchen, numerous homes and fire walls. These trips are for all who want to do God’s work.

Operation Christmas Child
We have a strong tradition of collecting school supplies, toys and hygiene items for four weeks in November. Families gather and fill shoe boxes for children in need around the world. We have been filling over 100 boxes a year! Contact Katie Arias with questions.