Prepare the Way

All the information you need to stay informed on the Capital Campaign.

Q & A

1. What is the campaign’s purpose?

The purpose of this campaign is to eliminate Atonement’s mortgage, which came from the addition that was completed in 1999. We have also included a mission component and will tithe 10% of any campaign funds. These funds will be allocated to various projects locally and globally.

2. Why do we need a debt reduction campaign?

In April 1999, an addition was completed which included a large multi‐purpose room that serves as a worship area and recreation space, five large classrooms, a music rehearsal room, a new kitchen/pantry, a youth room and expanded parking. Since then the mortgage has been paid out of our annual operating budget. We could continue doing this, but eliminating our debt now will free up approximately $8,000 a month for ministries. Atonement’s leadership feels this effort is important to complete in order to prepare the way for our future.

3. What is the campaign dollar goal?

Our goal for the campaign is to raise $850,000 or more over three years. This will enable us to eliminate the mortgage of approximately $775,000 and allocate 10% of campaign funding to the missions committee for outreach.

4. How is a debt reduction campaign different from our annual appeal?

We will be asking each household to make a 3‐year pledge over and above what they give to our annual general fund. A three‐year pledge payment period has been established to enable members to make a more significant investment than might be possible with a single cash donation. Gifts to the capital campaign should be over and above your regular giving and will go directly to reducing the principal balance of the mortgage.

5. How will we be asked to give?

Volunteers will be distributing pledge information in April. There will be no hard sell. We believe this campaign will succeed because you see your contributions as a means of ensuring the continued development of Atonement.

6. How can I learn more about this campaign?

Information regarding the Prepare the Way Campaign will be distributed throughout the next three months in the form of mail, e‐mail, social media, etc. We will also be conducting various gatherings for members to learn and ask questions.

7. Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! Campaigns are successful because members are willing to pitch in to accomplish the objectives. For information on the many ways you can get involved, please contact our Campaign Chair Brad DeJong at 701‐367‐2089 or

Campaign Prayer

Gracious God, we thank you for all the blessings you have so freely given to Atonement and its members and for guiding our congregation as we have developed our ministries. We ask you now to be with us and guide us as we Prepare the Way for the expansion of our ministries and mission. Open our hearts to you, so that we hear your calling to Prepare the Way and to use the gifts you have given each of us to make this campaign a success. Amen

Campaign Team

Campaign Chair

Brad DeJong

Campaign Committee

Shirley Anderson, Sayward Axvig, Brian Blizil, Gayle Carlson, Pastor Paul Cross, Larry Jacobson, Roger Monson, Mark Solhjem, Carol Wastweet, Lois Ziemer, Ross Ziemer

Campaign Consultants

Michael & Whitney Davy from Mark Davy & Associates